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Restaurant Designer, Raymond Haldeman has been profiled in many reputable publications including The NY Times, Hospitality Design Magazine, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Robb Report, Gourmet Magazine, Bon Appetit, Town & Country, The Hollywood Reporter,  The Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Magazine, The Courier Post, Ocean Drive Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Main Line Times, The Palm Beach Post, Clematis Magazine, Parade Magazine to name more than a few!

All photos below are designs by Raymond Haldeman, click here for complete portfolio.


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Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman took this weathered deck at the Timber Breeze Resort in Wisconsin's Northwoods and replaced 3 picnic tables with an income generating Pavilion Bar that exploits the view of Butternut Lake.

"Before" Timber Breeze Outdoor Deck 

"After" Restaurant Designer make-overPavilion Structure and New Deck

Inside New Pavilion with Hand Crafted Wood Bar & Floating Soffit after Raymonds Restaurant Designer magic.

Transformed by restaurant interior designer Raymond Haldeman, this drab storefront made a comeback as the Soothing and Stylish "La Fusion" Sushi Lounge on  Philadelphia's Booming Washington Ave in South Philadelphia, PA


La Fusion baron storefront before the restaurant interior design treatment

A vibrant mural of Marylin Monroe pops in the VIP area

Transparent dove gray stain on ash wood tables with high-back dove gray leather banquettes.

The Restaurant Designer gutted the former Pilot House in Cape May, NJ, and created an underwater arbor ceiling treatment that wows customers during their dining experience at the new FINS Bar & Grille.

Drab and dated decor "BEFORE"

"AFTER" The Underwater Arbor lit with black light created by the restaurant designer

"After" A 14' long aquarium above the carrot tweed banquette designed by Raymond Haldeman, the Restaurant Designer.

Raymond combined his restaurant interior design skill with his years of experience as a restaurant operator and replaced the old wood bar with booth seating and then built a new custom poured LED edge lit glass bar which he positioned the front of the restaurant in the windows for all to see as they walked by.  His objective was to create an additional income stream of late night bar worked!

"Before" the Fins concept bar was conceived and designed, the old Pilot House Bar was a throw-back

"After" New custom designed booths, SS tables, infinity portholes and 3D wave design created by restaurant designer Raymond

"After" Custom LED edge-lit poured glass bar top by restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman

Talk about a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION, restaurant designer Haldeman took the musty old "Ships Inn" in Northport and was able to create a space, mood, and experience TOTALLY unrelated to its previous incarnation and reintroduce it to the community of Northport, Long Island as "7T8" European Fusion.

"BEFROE" The Ships Inn resemble every other restaurant on Main St in Northport, LI, NY with shellacked wood paneling installed half a century ago.

"AFTER" This LED wave wall was the centerpiece of the space noe, "7T8" and provided the wow-factor for this restaurant design by Raymond Haldeman.

"After" The small space did not have a bar, so restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman took space from an unused bus-station and angled the Marble & Onyx Bar.

Here, the restaurant designer replaced old wood paneling with recessed mirrors encased in boxed woodwork and added high-back banquettes to replace the old diner-like booths.

"Before" Old diner-like booths at Ships Inn, "

"After", the restaurant designer added encased mirrors and LED artwork above banquette

"After" The natural wood grain in the ash wood tables is highlighted by the translucent dove gray stain.

Raymond, "The Restaurant Designer" updated this sunny dining room with the addition of a see-thru fireplace to the main dining room and open-sky ceiling treatment.

"Before", the sun room had the typical dated "seafood house" look

"After" The upper row of windows was removed during construction and an open ceiling with a floating infrastructure for lighting was created by restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman.

"After" The finishing touch was a GIANT see-thru fireplace clad in Stainless Steel and Reclaimed Barn wood, an excellent example of extraordinary restaurant design by Raymond Haldeman.

Raymond, "The Restaurant Designer" updated this sunny dining room with the addition of a see-thru fireplace to the main dining room and open-sky ceiling treatment.

the restaurant designer
interior design services

Restaurant Designer, Raymond Haldeman, removed the fake appliqués and stripped the building down to its original straight forward design.  His selection of a vibrant blue exterior color and blue & white stripped awnings was the perfect combo and alternative look for the new seafood restaurant in Cape May, NJ.

"Before" the building was in dire need of a refresh

"After" The exterior was stripped down to its original form.

"After" Clean & vibrance turned out to be a visual hit but restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman!

The old musty booths were removed and replaced with a spectacular LED edge-lit glass bar top facing the windows in the front of the building.  As an experienced restaurant designer and former owner/operator Raymond knew that tourists would not be able to resist the appeal of the high style bar and assured his clients it would serve as an invitational billboard for the restaurant.  Indeed it does!

"Before"  Drop-ceilings, old wood and laminate table tops.

The magnificent bar-top and Stainless Steel Liquor Soffit proved to be an efficient use of space, providing 60 linear feet of bar-top and good storage.

Knotty Pine was everywhere when the restaurant designer showed up at the Timber Breeze Resort in Wisconsin's Northwoods.  Raymond Haldeman the restaurant designer gave the Butternut Lakefront resort a professional restaurant designer makeover using local carpenters, craftsmen and millworkers.

"Before" Knotty pine

A glistening Patina Copper Bar Top replaced the existing laminate top/

Soft LED lighting cast a glow on the bar front 

The old stone fireplace was raised 42" from the floor, giving all diners the prospect of a view of a flaming hearth.  Experienced restaurant interior designer Haldeman used stack stone and patina copper to face the front of the fireplace.

"Before" The old stone fireplace and ladder back chairs.

Plush leather tufted ottomans, and upholstered seating surround the fireplace.


This dining room and bar received a total makeover by restaurant interior designer Raymond Haldeman, new floors, mirror treatment above plush turquoise suede banquettes, res colors and natural ash wood tables.

"Before" A complete gutting of the space was needed to upgrade the integrity of the building that was operating as a bar & restaurant since 1942.

"After" The fresh new look has character & personality!

"After" A recessed lighting treatment give the new space an ambient illumination.

In this space the restaurant interior designer designated the elevated balcony at La Fusion in Philadelphia as the VIP Lounge and was "glammed-up" with LED back-lit mirrors and contemporary crystal chandeliers.

"Before" The raw warehouse looking space was in obvious need of a cosmetic upgrade & lighting treatment

"After" The restaurant designer added LED back-lit mirrors that cast a Fuchsia glow onto the soft dove-gray walls 

"After" High-Back tufted leather banquettes created individual VIP seating areas