The Restaurant Designer
Miami / Ft. Lauderdale

-Planning To Open a New Restaurant in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area and need a Restaurant Designer?

-Questions about Renovation Costs of Your Existing Restaurant?

-Signed a Restaurant Lease in South Florida recently and Need to Layout & Design a Floor Plan?

-Thinking About Rebranding Your existing Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Restaurant?

Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman is a former successful Society Caterer & Restaurateur and South Beach Nightclub owner who's been Designing & Rebranding Bars, Restaurants, Hotels & Nightclubs for 0ver 2 decades.

Haldeman likes to say that "It only makes sense to hire a designer, a "Restaurant Designer," who as a former hands on operator is intimately familiar with the day to day operations of the Bar and Restaurant business.  

Combining efficient function with wow-factor design is a powerful combination that helps to insure a restaurant's success.

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman offers a Free Consultation to any independent operator opening a new venture or looking to cosmetically upgrade an existing establishment in the South Florida area.

Call Raymond for a free consulation NOW! , Share your plans and vision,, he will to talk to you personally and answer all your questions.  You'd be surprised how valuable the credible information you can gather in just one conversation!

Call now, and finally get legitimate answers to those nagging questions you’ve been searching for.  1-866-406-1159